Generating social media content calendars

How to craft social media content calendars for consistent engagement.

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Creating a content calendar for social media is crucial for maintaining a consistent online presence, engaging with your audience, and achieving your marketing goals. However, it can be overwhelming and time consuming to create a plan with so many social platforms. With ChatGPT, this process is a lot quicker.

Before heading to ChatGPT, there are a few things to decide on that will help ChatGPT help you:

  • Frequency of posts: how often do you want to post to social?
  • Social media platforms: Where is your audience?
  • Content types: this could be deciding on what you post (e.g. video, images, short-form and long-form text) and/or providing ChatGPT with examples of the content types.
  • Context: the more specific you are upfront, the more tailored ChatGPT’s response. Write a small blurb about the what the social media content calendar is for. It can be broad (e.g. “an AI newsletter that goes out 5 times a week.”) or specific (e.g. “an AI newsletter that goes out 5 times a week that covers the top 3 headlines in the AI news that day, top AI tools, and a deep dive on a current news story.”)

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Now it’s time to head to ChatGPT.

Depending on how and what you ask, ChatGPT can provide you with a range of replies like content ideas for each social media platform for whatever time period you define or provide you with something as simple as a CSV file to serve as a template for your calendar in a tool like Google Sheets, Airtable, etc.

Let’s look at the first option using this prompt as our guide.

Hey ChatGPT, can you generate a social media content calendar for [your context]. We want to [posting frequency] on [platforms]. We want to post [content types] on [platforms]. [Any tone or formatting requests].

Here’s my version:

Here’s what ChatGPT provided:

From here, based on the response, you can ask ChatGPT to adjust its response or regenerate responses using the circle-arrow icon below its response. 🔁

Then you can ask ChatGPT to turn its response into a CSV template.

This is great! Can you turn this template into a CSV for the month of [insert duration of time]?

Here’s what it gave me:

The wonderful thing about ChatGPT is that its adaptable—always happy to re-do the work and make tweaks without a sigh or eye-roll. If you realise you want to make changes to your CSV, just ask.

Can you regenerate and add a column for status?

Now, you can upload this CSV to a tool of your choice.

Let’s say you want to generate a social media content calendar based on the actual content of something. You can provide that content to ChatGPT and use the prompt from before. In this example, I attached an image of a Ben’s Bites email and asked the following:

Hey ChatGPT, can you generate a social media content calendar for the week for the attached newsletter. We want to post 1x a day Monday thru Friday on X(formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn. On X(formerly known as Twitter), we want to alternate posting single tweets and threads with a call to action to subscribe to our newsletter each time. On LinkedIn we want to post both long-form and short-form posts. Can you also provide call to action ideas. Please don't use hashtags or emojis.

Here’s what ChatGPT provided:

From here, you can re-generate a CSV and dive into ChatGPT to help you write the actual content for social!

The flexibility of ChatGPT enables you to create and fine-tune your social media content calendar effortlessly. Whether you need different content types, platforms, or posting frequencies, ChatGPT can cater to your specific requirements.

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