Writing effective prompts for Gemini

Master the art of crafting precise prompts for optimal results from Gemini.

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Learn how to use Gemini

Welcome to the penultimate tutorial of this course. In this lesson, we'll cover:

  • What is a prompt and why does it matter?
  • Key elements of effective Gemini prompts
  • Examples of Gemini power prompts
  • Troubleshooting common mistakes

By now, you've seen the potential Gemini has to streamline your work and bring a touch of AI magic into your daily tasks. In this lesson, we'll go deeper, exploring how to level up your prompting skills and tap into Gemini's full capabilities for even more impressive results.

What is a prompt and why does it matter?

A prompt is your starting line with Gemini. It's the question, command, or piece of text that sparks the conversation. Consider prompting on a par with explaining tasks to an intern. Just like your explanation would impact how well the intern performs, your prompts influence the results from Gemini.

Depending on your task, your prompts can serve different objectives, including:

  • Adding context about the setup and goals of the task.
  • Narrowing Gemini's focus to follow specific constraints.
  • Specifying the expected format for the response.
  • Creating roleplaying scenarios to simulate personas.
  • Highlighting relevant examples or instructions.

Key elements of effective Gemini prompts

Clarity is the golden rule for crafting effective Gemini prompts. Ambiguous instructions will leave Gemini unsure, just like they would confuse a human assistant. Provide clear details, write in full sentences, and don't mix instructions.

Now, let's break down what makes up a great prompt:

Context is king

The more background information you give Gemini, the more it can tailor its response to your specific needs.

Instead of:

Can you give me some marketing ideas?

Do this:

I'm promoting a new line of eco-friendly home goods. Suggest a few low-budget marketing tactics for reaching young, environmentally-conscious consumers.

Guide the format

Specify elements like tone of voice (formal or humorous), text length, or whether you want a list, an essay, or a code snippet.

Instead of:

Write about the benefits of project management software.

Do this:

Write a persuasive product description for our project management software, targeting small creative teams. Keep it under 200 words and highlight ease of use.

Roles and personas

Tell Gemini what hat to wear! Experiment with statements like "Act as a marketing expert" or "Pretend you're a history professor." This helps Gemini adapt its response style and draw from the right knowledge base.

Instead of:

Explain the concept of photosynthesis.

Do this:

Act as a middle school science teacher and explain the concept of photosynthesis in a way that's engaging for my students.

Relevant examples and instructions

Break down complex tasks into step-by-step instructions for Gemini or provide sample outputs to guide Gemini's results.

Instead of:

Write a creative product description.

Do this:

Write a creative product description for our new line of organic skincare. Similar to this example: [Insert a well-written product description that inspires your desired style]

Here's another example to break down the task into step-by-step instructions.

Instead of:

Explain the benefits of solar energy.

Do this:

Explain the benefits of solar energy from two different POVs: economical and environmental.For each POV, list out the top benefits as a few short bullet points without technical jargon.Compare these benefits with other traditional methods of creating electricity.

Examples of Gemini power prompts

Gemini is your go-to AI assistant for a whole range of tasks. Copy these power prompts and unveil Gemini’s power.

Trip planning

I'm planning a one-week vacation to Italy and I'd love your help crafting the itinerary. I'm particularly interested in experiencing a mix of iconic landmarks and hidden gems, immersing myself in the rich history, art, and of course, indulging in the delicious cuisine!

Since I have a week, I was thinking of visiting 2-3 main cities, with day trips sprinkled in to explore the surrounding areas and charming towns. Perhaps you could recommend a starting point that considers travel times and maximizes my experience in each location

Here are some additional details that might be helpful:

- Are there any specific regions in Italy that are particularly well-suited for this type of itinerary, combining cities and day trips?
- I'm fairly active and enjoy walking, but would prefer to avoid extensive public transportation between cities if possible. Renting a car for some of the journey is an option I'm open to.
- Is there a logical flow to the itinerary, considering travel time and proximity of destinations? For example, would it be more efficient to start in the north or south of Italy, given the places I visit?

Professional emails

Draft a professional email to my client, [Client Name], thanking them for choosing our [Industry - be specific] services. Mention that we were delighted to work on their recent [project name/type of work].

Here are a few additional points to include:

- Briefly highlight 1-2 specific aspects of the project that went particularly well, or a result the client was pleased with. This reinforces the value of your services.
- Express a genuine desire to continue the business relationship and collaborate on future projects.
- If appropriate, you could subtly hint at a specific type of work you would be well-suited to assist them with next.
- Please keep the tone friendly, professional, and concise.

Content creation

Act as a wellness expert. Draft a 500-word blog post on the benefits of mindfulness meditation for stress relief in busy professionals. Include evidence-based examples and actionable tips for integrating it into a hectic schedule.


- Intro: Define mindfulness meditation, emphasizing its relevance for stressed-out professionals.
- Benefits: Discuss 3 key benefits, citing reputable studies (make up study names/brief findings). Focus on improved focus, reduced anxiety, and emotional regulation.
- Practical Tips: Offer short, simple mindfulness exercises for breaks, commutes, etc. (breathing, focus on senses, body scan).
- Habit Building: Stress consistency over duration. Start with 5 minutes a day, offer tips for reminders and finding a quiet space.
- Conclusion: Reiterate the transformative potential of mindfulness for a stressed workday. Encourage readers to start small.


- Tone: Informative, friendly, and encouraging.
- Target Audience: Relatable to professionals in high-stress fields.
- Call to Action: Suggest a follow-up post on advanced techniques or resources.

Marketing strategy

Act as a marketing strategist specializing in tech startups. I'm launching a new productivity app targeting remote teams. It allows seamless collaboration on projects, streamlines communication with built-in chat features, and integrates with popular cloud storage platforms.

Considering these features, suggest 3 target customer segments that would benefit most from this app. For each segment, outline a tailored outreach strategy that resonates with their specific pain points.

Your outreach strategy should include:

- Potential pain points to address in each segment (e.g., limited budget for project management tools for small startups, communication challenges for geographically dispersed teams).
- Content ideas that resonate with each segment (e.g., case studies on how similar startups improved efficiency, blog posts on best practices for remote team communication).
- Relevant online communities to target for outreach (e.g., online forums for startup founders, social media groups for remote workers/freelancers).

Food recommendations

I'm trying to eat healthier and have limited time to cook. I prefer vegetarian meals, with an emphasis on whole foods and complete proteins.

To give you an idea of my tastes, I enjoy meals like lentil soup, stir-fries, and veggie burgers.

Can you recommend a week-long meal plan with simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that incorporates these preferences?

Include a corresponding grocery list, with options for easy substitutions based on what's available at the store.

Troubleshooting common mistakes

Even experienced users stumble sometimes! Watch out for these pitfalls:

  • Vague Goals: Know what you want to achieve with your prompt.
  • Missing Context: Give Gemini the information it needs to work with.
  • Confusing Instructions: Break down complex tasks into steps, if needed.
  • Overly Specific: Sometimes a little room for interpretation is beneficial.
  • Limitations: Be aware that Gemini might not have some of the same features as other chatbots, like PDF uploads, the ability to edit old prompts, or image generation.

The best way to become a Gemini pro is to experiment! Try different prompt styles, play around with roles and tones, and see how these changes affect the results. The more you interact, the better you'll both become at this AI dance.

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