AI for all

We're a small but mighty team on a mission to make AI simple to understand and easy to use. In 2019, we founded the no-code education platform, Makerpad. It was acquired by Zapier in 2021. In that short time, we empowered hundreds of thousands of people to build profitable businesses without code. Now we want to democratise AI, the same way we did for no-code.

Meet the people behind the content

The best teams come in small packages.

Ben Tossell

Ben built a no-code tutorial platform, Makerpad, and sold it to Zapier in 2021. He then started the first AI daily newsletter in October 2022. He also invests in AI companies through Ben's Bites Fund.

Keshav Jindal

Keshav has been with Ben's Bites since Jan '22 and manages our newsletter content and publishing.  

Shanice Stewart-Jones

Shanice makes companies run well. She worked with Ben on Makerpad before it was acquired and is now running Ben's Bites.

Amie Pollack

Amie was one of the first tutorial makers at Makerpad and stayed with us until we were acquired. She's been busy being a mum for a couple years and is now making AI tutorials for Ben's Bites.

Adam Tossell

Adam designs and builds products—he built this website, and also built Grizzly Ads which powers our ads for our newsletter. And yes, is Ben's brother.