Advance tips and tricks for Gemini

Dive into Gemini's unique features and insider techniques to level up your skills.

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Learn how to use Gemini

This is the last tutorial of this course! To wrap it all up, we'll cover:

  • Gemini’s unique features
  • Sneaky tips and tricks to try

By now, you're well on your way to becoming a Gemini power user. In this final lesson, let's unlock some of the new features and techniques to expand the scope of your interactions.

5 unique features of Gemini

Multiple drafts

Need a few options before settling on the perfect response? Gemini can generate up to three drafts for each prompt. Simply click "Show Drafts" below your prompt to compare variations.

Modify responses

Not only can you get multiple drafts, but you can also directly modify Gemini's responses. Choose to refine the entire response or select specific portions to revise and click the edit button (it looks like a magic pen). Use the provided suggestions or tailor it further with your own instructions.

To modify the entire response, click at the bottom of Gemini's answer.

To modify a part of the response, you can select the part you want to change and click on the "magical pen" symbol.

Now, you can use the preset options given by Gemini, or add your own prompt for custom modification.

Double check

Remember, even the most advanced AI tools can occasionally misinterpret information. That's why Google has built-in a handy "Double-Check" feature. Click the "G" icon at the bottom of Gemini's response to have it cross-reference results from Google Search, highlighting verified information and flagging potential inconsistencies.

Here’s an example result after double-check:

The text highlighted in green contains citations to the matching results. The text highlighted in red either does not have matching web results or has conflicting web results.

Share to other apps

Seamlessly integrate Gemini's output into your workflow. Using the "Share" icon, you can easily export text-based responses to Google Docs and Gmail. Need code? Export directly to Google Colab or Replit for execution and testing.


Gemini can also use your data from other Google apps for better responses via Extensions. For an even more customized experience, enable Extensions in Gemini's settings. This allows you to incorporate data from other Google apps.

Once you have extensions enabled, reference them directly in your prompts (e.g., @googledocs or @youtube) for more contextually relevant results.

Sneaky tips and tricks to try

  1. Think Step by Step: Break down complex problems into smaller, sequential prompts. This helps Gemini follow your logic and provide solutions that are easier to implement. You can also ask Gemini to respond step by step which makes its responses easier to understand.
  2. Make-Believe Roleplay: Tap into Gemini's vast knowledge base by instructing it to take on specific roles (e.g., "Act as an experienced financial advisor…" or "Pretend you're a coding wizard…"). You can also create hypothetical "what if" scenarios to explore potential outcomes and implications.
  3. Iterate and Edit: You can edit the last prompt in your Gemini chat and regenerate the answer. With Gemini, as the chat gets longer, it forgets some initial context. So, it's better to refine the same prompt to get closer to the desired answer vs. adding another message to point out the change.
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