Analysing competitor marketing strategies (Landing page copy)

Use AI to analyse competitor landing pages and refine marketing strategies.

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You can use ChatGPT to analyse your competitors' landing pages, unveiling the strategies that capture audience attention and drive conversions.

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First, we’re going to grab a screenshot of our competitor’s landing page and upload it to ChatGPT with this prompt:

You're the world's leading marketing strategist with over 30 years experience and several awards under your belt. You're tasked with analysing all of the marketing strategies that are happening on this website landing page which is shown in the image.

Note: in this scenario, we’re building a fictional tech-enabled mattress company, DreamTech Beds, so our competitor is

Now we want ChatGPT to extract any sentences that persuade visitors to purchase a mattress.

From the text used on the landing page, highlight which sentences have been used to persuade a visitor to purchase.

Next, we can ask ChatGPT to analyse the writing style used in those phrases.

Analyse the sentences' writing style, tone, techniques used, complexity of language and readability.

Now we’d like to create our own style guide based on this analysis. If you have a new company or brand, this is a great way to ensure you’ll create copy that resonates with your audience and has a competitive edge over other brands in your space.

If you already have a detailed style guide, you can upload it to ChatGPT here instead and prompt it to update your guide based on its analysis of competitor landing page copy.

Write a detailed but concise style guide based off your analysis.

Using our new (or updated) style guide, we’re going to ask ChatGPT to generate new copy for our website.

💡 Tip: Prompt ChatGPT to “act as” an expert - doing so encourages ChatGPT to simulate the depth of knowledge and type of insights you’d expect from a real expert, giving you a better answer overall.
You're an expert copywriter. Using the style guide provided, come up with several headings and subheadings that can be used on a landing page for my new eightsleep competitor, DreamTech Beds.

If you’re not happy with the response, you can refine it further. Just make sure you ask ChatGPT to incorporate any refinements into your style guide, so it bears those improvements in mind whenever writing new copy.

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