Writing press releases for product announcements

Craft engaging press releases with AI that attract media attention and generate buzz.

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A well-crafted press release can capture media attention, secure valuable placements in news outlets, and ultimately drive sales and customer interest. But let's face it, writing press releases can often feel formulaic and time-consuming.

By collaborating with Google’s Gemini Advanced, you can free yourself from the drudgery of template-based writing and focus on the strategic aspects of crafting attention-grabbing press releases for your product announcements.

This tutorial will guide you through creating a clear structure, crafting impactful headlines and leads, and adding persuasive calls to action.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Understanding the essential elements of a product announcement press release
  2. Crafting eye-catching headlines and lead paragraphs
  3. Developing compelling body paragraphs for your press release
  4. Generating impactful quotes for quick approvals from stakeholders
  5. Creating effective calls to action (CTAs) and a media contact section
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Strong press releases have a similar anatomy at their core. Gemini can break down the key sections and provide examples from successful product announcements to ensure that your press release has all the necessary ingredients for success.

Let’s look at the essential elements of a press release with an imaginary product Moody, an AI therapist.

Here’s the prompt we’ll kick off with.

I'm working on a press release to announce the launch of our new product, [insert product details]. To make it grab attention and get journalists interested, I'd love some help understanding the key elements of a strong product announcement press release. Can you explain what typically goes into each section and why it's important? It would be great to see some examples from well-known brands too, so I can get a feel for what works well.

Step 2: Crafting eye-catching headlines and lead paragraphs

Now, we'll work with Gemini to generate powerful headlines for your Moody press release. For this, you either need a product brief or an overview document in your Google Drive. For example. I’m using a transcript from the CEO’s explainer of Moody. Based on the document, Gemini can develop attention-grabbing headlines and lead paragraphs packed with pertinent keywords.

Okay, I have a document in my @docs containing the [product brief]. Based on that document create [number] eye-catching headline options and a corresponding lead paragraph that includes relevant keywords. Keep it concise and informative.
💡 Tip: Mix and match Gemini’s suggestions. For example, the suggestions below can lead to the final headline: “Mental Wellness On-Demand: Moody AI integrates therapy into your everyday routine.”

Step 3: Developing compelling body paragraphs

Using the same document about Moody, Gemini will assist in creating informative body paragraphs. This will give your press release added depth and substance.

Great. Now create the body paragraphs based on the same document using the same document as reference.

Step 4: Generating impactful quotes

Let's bring your company executive's voice into the press release! Gemini will help you compose persuasive quotes, highlighting the problem Moody solves while conveying excitement about its potential. We'll even explore various angles for those quotes.

Help me draft compelling quotes from a company executive about the launch of [your product]. It should explain the problem the product solves and express excitement about its potential impact. Generate multiple variation based on potential angles to highlight its unique value.
💡 Tip: Executives, angel investors (and even customers) often struggle to write ready-to-use quotes by themselves. Use these sample quotes to suggest angles or get their approval to present them as their quotes.

Step 5: Creating effective CTAs and a media contact section

To wrap up your press release, we'll craft calls to action that resonate with customers, journalists, and industry players. Gemini will also help structure a clear media contact section, making it easy for interested parties to get in touch.

Generate different calls to action for my press release aimed at potential customers, journalists, and industry partners. Include a sample media contact section.

You can put these together in a Google Doc and get hours of work done in less than 20 minutes. You can edit Gemini’s writing to give it a final finish or turn that document into a template for more press releases.

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