Writing guidelines for social media customer support

Use AI to generate guidelines for effective, on-brand customer support on social media platforms.

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Diving into the world of social media customer support can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube—challenging but definitely doable with the right strategy.

In this tutorial, we will explore the process of crafting guidelines for engaging with customers on social media platforms to provide effective and public-facing support. By following these guidelines, you will be able to build strong customer relationships and address their needs efficiently.

Setting the scene with voice and tone

Your brand’s voice on social media is like choosing the perfect outfit for a first date; it has to be just right. Whatever your brand, make sure your voice across your social channels matches up with who you’re trying to woo—your audience.

Here’s a prompt you can feed into ChatGPT to help you establish the right tone.

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Help me define the voice and tone for our brand's social media customer support. Our target audience is [characteristics/demographics of your audience] and the tone we want to convey is [adjectives].

Tuning into the chatter

Next, let’s look into common inquiries and concerns raised by customers on our social media channels. This understanding will help us tailor our support approach accordingly.

Based on the attached data, what are common inquiries and concerns raised by customers on our channels?

Timing is everything

Nobody likes to be left on read, especially online. So on ChatGPT’s last note about response times, let’s dive deeper to assess the appropriate response times given the availability and size of our team.

What would be a reasonable response time for our social media customer support? Consider the volume of messages and the availability of our support team which is [number of people] people covering [number of] timezones.

Crafting responses with flair

Now that we have defined our tone, our common problems, and response times, let’s draft some responses as examples for our social media team.

Can you provide examples of [adjectives] responses for most common customer inquiries? This will help us understand how to address customer concerns effectively. The responses should reflect our [descriptive adjectives of our tone] tone that is catered to [demographic]

Perhaps our frontline social media team needs to call in backup. Let’s ask ChatGPT for strategies if the issue cannot be resolved immediately and needs to be escalated.

What strategies can we implement for issues that need to be escalated?

These are great strategy suggestions —but what about customers who are moonlighting as keyboard warriors on social media looking for a response now?

What is the best way to balance customers on social media looking for an immediate solution with internal policies around compensation?

In the grand scheme of things, delivering stellar social media support is about building bridges and keeping the conversation going in a way that feels genuine and engaging.

By laying down these guidelines, you’ll be encouraging interactions that not only solve problems but also strengthen your connection with your audience. Keep it real, keep it empathetic, and when in doubt, remember ChatGPT can always help with brainstorming, refining, or just getting a fresh perspective.

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