Generating follow-up strategies for sales leads

Design follow-up strategies that transform sales leads into customers.

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We're going to use Claude to help us create a multi-touch follow-up strategy for sales leads that keeps prospects engaged without being too pushy. We'll generate a mix of emails, calls, and social media outreach.

Steps we'll follow in this tutorial:

  • Provide business context and ask Claude for a strategy outline.
  • Group activities by outreach type and order them chronologically.
  • Generate email templates optimised for engagement.
  • Create phone call script outlines with open-ended questions.
  • Get examples of non-intrusive social media engagement.

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First, provide Claude an overview of your business, including your mission, key features, and competitive advantages. Then ask it to outline a multi-touch follow-up strategy.

Here's the prompt I'm using:

I run a B2B SaaS company called CloudWorks that provides cloud-based project management solutions targeting mid-sized enterprises. I need help creating a follow-up strategy for sales leads that keeps prospects engaged without being intrusive, using a mix of email, calls, and social media touches. Give me a strategy outline.

[Business overview & context]

Here’s Claude’s response:

Group activities by type and order chronologically

Now that we have a high-level strategy, let's organise the recommended activities by outreach type and ideal order. This will provide a clearer roadmap for implementation.

Great! Now group those activities into the type of outreach it is: email, social, calls. Put them in order from earliest outreach to latest within those groups.

Generate optimised email templates

Next, have Claude write compelling email templates for the first few touchpoints. Provide guidance on tone and length to ensure the emails resonate with your audience.

Write an email template for 1, 2 and 3. Don't make it feel too salesy, make it more informal but still business-appropriate, and make them as short as possible.

Create phone call script outlines

For the call touchpoints, ask Claude to provide script outlines covering key scenarios like the initial contact and addressing common objections. Emphasise asking open-ended, conversational questions rather than taking an aggressive sales approach.

Give me 2 phone script outlines that cover: Initial contact call and Addressing objections call. Provide examples of some good questions to ask that are more open-ended and casual instead of more aggressive salesperson.

Get examples for non-intrusive social engagement

Finally, generate ideas for engaging prospects on social media without coming across as pushy or invasive. Claude can provide best practices and examples.

Now give me some examples for the social media part of the strategy. I don't want to come across to pushy or invasive.

With this multi-touch follow-up strategy tailored to your business, you'll be able to keep prospects engaged while respecting their space.

💡 Tip: You can ask Claude on the best approach to track the success of your strategy.
💡 Tip: Claude can help you refine individual assets as you continue optimising your sales follow-up process.

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