Distill customer interviews for sales

Learn how to extract actionable insights from customer interviews to boost sales.

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Conducting customer interviews is important, but it’s only half the job. The real work is in how you synthesise and use the interview data.

By distilling key information from your interviews - like demographics, pain points, and competitive perceptions - you can use ChatGPT to transform customer interview transcripts into actionable insights for your sales, marketing, and product development teams.

To complete the steps below you’ll need at least one transcript from a customer interview.

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Upload the transcript as a PDF to ChatGPT and use a variation of the prompt below:

You're an expert Chief of Staff who's excellent at writing executive summaries.

Give me an executive summary of this customer interview.

Also give me:

- demographics
- push/pain factors
- desired dream outcome
- Barriers and uncertainty they see
- details relating to how they use your solution
- details relating to how they think about the competition
💡 Tip: Use a persona or role e.g. Chief of Staff, to help ChatGPT apply appropriate frameworks and a lens through which to respond to your prompt.]

With this data, you can extract information for different teams to help inform the sales process, product marketing and support teams.


- The most motivating quotes to show to the sales team
- The most compelling quotes for the product marketing department
- A list of actionable items CSMs should take care of

You’ll want to upload several customer interviews to get insights across more than one conversation.

1. Give me a list of the most common pains in all these interviews
2. Give me a list of what's most valuable in the customer relationship with us
3. Give me a list of new feature ideas that were mentioned most often
💡 Tip: If you have lots of interview data, consider uploading a CSV file which ChatGPT will be able to read and analyse.

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