Developing influencer marketing proposals

Use AI to quickly spin up influencer marketing proposals and template them for future use.

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This tutorial will show you how to work with Google’s Gemini Advanced to develop compelling influencer marketing proposals. Designed to help stakeholders understand the potential impact of an influencer campaign, proposals ensure everyone’s on the same page before you give an influencer the green light to start working.

Using the steps in this tutorial, you'll use AI to help streamline the creation of essential elements of an influencer proposal, like brand summaries, content ideas, campaign logistics, compensation structures, and success metrics.

Here are the steps we’ll cover:

  1. Define an influencer proposal checklist
  2. Craft a compelling overview of your brand
  3. Generate content ideas aligned with brand awareness goals
  4. Outline content logistics and campaign timeline
  5. Determine suitable compensation structures
  6. Establish success metrics for the awareness campaign
  7. Create a comprehensive influencer proposal template

Reminder: We are using Gemini Advanced, the paid version.

To ensure our influencer proposals have everything a potential partner needs, we'll start by asking Gemini to create a detailed checklist. This checklist will guide us through the essential components of a successful proposal.

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I'm developing influencer marketing proposals for [company name and details].

Our current goal is to [your marketing goal(s)]. I have a list of 20 influencers these audiences often interact with. My goal is to reach out to these influencers with detailed proposals for potential collaboration. Give me a checklist for creating these proposals.

Let’s go through Gemini’s suggested checklist step-by-step. You’ll likely want to personalize the “Influencer fit” section manually for each proposal.

Next up, a strong "About" section introduces your brand and its mission in an engaging way. You can use the same overview for all proposals, or tailor them depending on the campaign and/or influencer.

Let's lean on Gemini to create an "About" section for our dummy brand in this tutorial, GreenGlow. In our prompt below, we’re using a Google Drive using extension that allows Gemini to access our Drive documents.

Great, let's go step by step. What should I cover in a short "about" section for GreenGlow?

Then create one in 1st person perspective using GreenGlow Kitchenware BrandBook from my @googledocs

Gemini extensions can be a bit flaky from time to time (especially when combined with complex queries). Let’s repeat the command for accessing the brand book and creating the “about” section.

Create this "about" section in 1st person's perspective. Format in short paragraphs and bullet points. Use GreenGlow Kitchenware BrandBook from my @googledocs

Clear expectations make collaborations run smoothly. The next section of the proposal - “The Ask” - outlines what you’re requesting from the influencer. But before we get into the specifics, we can use Gemini to brainstorm content formats we can choose from. Since our goal for this influencer campaign is to increase brand awareness for GreenGlow, we need content that introduces potential followers to our brand identity and products.

Cool. Next up, give me examples of types of content that align with my objective of increasing brand awareness for GreenGlow. Add 4-5 content ideas/titles for each type.

Now, we'll use Gemini to outline logistics for the “Ask” section of our proposal.

How can I outline the logistics in the proposal to guide influencers on creating Posts, Stories, Reels, etc., that naturally incorporate GreenGlow products into lifestyle-themed content? Additionally, what would be an effective content frequency and timeline that keeps the audience engaged and excited about the brand, without feeling overwhelmed?

Moving on to the “Compensation and Value” section. Fair pay is crucial but hard to determine. Gemini can introduce us to a variety of compensation models and guide us in making informed decisions.

What are potential compensation structures for mid-tier influencers? Give me suggestions that consider the level of influencer engagement and audience reach. What are the pros and cons of each compensation model? Also, outline areas of potential negotiations for each model. Focus on payment-based ideas, not product gifting.

Now for “Campaign Goals & Metrics”. How will we know if our influencer marketing efforts are driving results? Let's work with Gemini to define clear success metrics that align with our awareness goals and will help us select suitable influencers for future, conversion-focused campaigns.

I'm going to focus on flat fee payments (but different for each influencer). Outline potential success metrics for this awareness campaign for [product]. One aim with these metrics is to select influencers that we would want to partner with on a more conversion-oriented campaign later this year.

Now we’ve explored creating a proposal, we can use Gemini to help us turn this into a template for future use.

Cool. Now create a detailed template for me to fill for each influencer proposal.

Craft influencer marketing proposals detailing campaign objectives, deliverables, and compensation.

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