Creating sales meeting agendas

Prepare sales meeting agendas that align with sales goals and strategies.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Claude, an AI assistant, to create effective sales meeting agendas that keep your team laser-focused, motivated, and totally in sync with your sales goals and strategies. By following these simple steps, you can make sure your sales meetings are productive, efficient, and drive some serious results.

Steps we'll follow:

  1. Define the meeting's objectives
  2. Outline the agenda items
  3. Align agenda items with sales goals and strategies
  4. Allocate time for each agenda item
  5. Finalise the agenda
  6. Distribute and implement the agenda
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Step 1: Defining the meeting's objectives

Before we get to creating the agenda, make sure you have the following ready to give to Claude:

  • Your company's current sales priorities
  • Recent changes or updates to your sales strategies
  • Specific challenges or opportunities your sales team is facing

Then, use the prompt below to identify and clarify 3-5 key objectives that will guide your agenda.

What are the main objectives we should focus on for our upcoming sales meeting? Please help me identify and clarify 3-5 key objectives that will guide our agenda.

For context:

- My company’s current sales priorities: [insert priorities]
- Recent changes to our sales strategies: [insert changes]
- Challenges and opportunities we’re facing: [insert challenges/opportunities]

Step 2: Outlining the agenda items

OK great, we have our objectives defined. Of course, you can pick, choose, and refine what Claude suggests based on your specific needs and constraints.

Now let’s ask Claude to generate a list of agenda items that will help us achieve those objectives - and organise the items in a way that makes sense.


Based on the meeting objectives we defined, please generate a list of agenda items that will help us achieve those objectives. After listing the items, please prioritise and organise them in a logical order.

Step 3: Aligning agenda items with sales goals and strategies

Provide Claude with your company's overall sales goals and key strategies your team is using to achieve these goals. Then, ask Claude to ensure each agenda item aligns with these goals and strategies, suggesting modifications or replacements if necessary.


For each agenda item you suggested, please ensure that it aligns with our overall sales goals and strategies listed below. If any item seems misaligned, please suggest how we can modify or replace it to maintain alignment.

[Insert sales goals and strategies]

Great, looks like we’re on the right track!

Step 4: Allocating time for each agenda item

Next, let’s have Claude make sure we prioritise the agenda items so we have enough time to discuss everything and the meeting’s balanced.


Our meeting is [length]. Please suggest appropriate time allocations for each agenda item, based on their priority and complexity. If any item seems to have too much or too little time allocated, please adjust the time as needed to ensure a balanced agenda.
💡 Tip: You could also at this point include motivational topics, discussion points, or brief activities for the team to complete, to keep them motivated and engaged. Ask Claude for ideas of what these could be, and have it rewrite the agenda based on these new additions.

Step 5: Finalising the agenda

Now let’s work with Claude to review the agenda you've created together and suggest any final refinements or improvements. Request a clean, formatted version of the agenda that you can distribute to your team.


Please review the agenda we've created and suggest any final refinements or improvements. Once you've made any necessary adjustments, please provide a clean, formatted version of the agenda that we can distribute to the team.

Brilliant! Now we have an agenda that’s ready to distribute, that aligns with our company goals and is based on clear, relevant objectives. 🙌

Let’s get it sent out, shall we?

Step 6: Distributing and implementing the agenda

Ask Claude for best practices on distributing the finalised agenda and ensuring its effective use during the meeting. Make sure you include your company's preferred methods of communication and collaboration, as well as any specific expectations or guidelines for meeting participation and follow-up actions.


What are some best practices for distributing the finalised agenda to the sales team and ensuring that we use it effectively during the meeting? Please provide 3-5 tips or suggestions, based on our specific company preferences listed below:

[List company best practises/preferences/rituals]

Now we have a finalised agenda that aligns with company goals, as well as an action plan to distribute it that aligns with our company culture. Make sure you tweak and adjust any sales meeting agenda you draw up with Claude so that it fits your unique needs. And enjoy the time you just got back from using Claude to do the heavy lifting!

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