Crafting compelling sales emails with AI

How to use AI to write sales emails that engage and convert recipients effectively.

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Struggling with sales emails that don't get a response? The secret to success might just be a mix of good planning and AI magic. Let’s explore how to create an email sequence that not only reaches your audience but also resonates with them, turning prospects into clients.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use ChatGPT to design an email sequence for your business, targeting your unique customer segments with messages that educate and engage.

This is what we’ll cover:

  1. Outlining the email sequence
  2. Structuring individual emails
  3. Integrating customer success stories
  4. Perfecting follow-up messages

Let's start with defining the goals of our email outreach, using the following prompt:

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I'm working on developing a sales strategy for my business, which is a [company type], specializing in [product/service]. Our primary customers are [describe the customer segments]. I want to create an email sequence to effectively reach out to these customers, educate them about our offerings, and ultimately convert them into paying clients. Can you help me construct a sales email sequence, detailing the purpose of each email in the sequence. Please limit to four emails.

With our sequence blueprint ready, let's dive into the nuts and bolts of each email. Take a few mins to gather the following information:

  1. Your product or service
  2. Your target audience
  3. The industries you’re focusing on

And then some combination of:

  1. 1-3 pain points specific to your prospects
  2. 1-3 things your prospect values the most

Here's how we translate that into a prompt for ChatGPT:

I'm looking for persuasive sales email drafts targeted at [level or type of role(s)] in [job function] within three verticals: 1) [industry/vertical], 2) [industry/vertical], and 3) [industry/vertical]. My product is [explain what you’re selling]. I need each email to demonstrate how my solution can help [job function] leverage [what your prospect cares about]. Please focus on solving these specific marketing pain points. Can you draft one concise cold email per vertical that aligns with these goals?

Here is what ChatGPT provided:

These are great initial templates, but its always good to have options. Let’s say we want to add credibility to our outreach. My company works with a leader in each industry (advice: use companies that have agreed to being used for marketing purposes) and I want to include this in my initial outreach.

I am going to give you a list of companies we work with in each vertical. Can you find a way to effectively integrate this into each email? The purpose is to show the prospect that a leader, and perhaps a competitor, in their space trusts us, so they should too.

Publishing: Conde Nast
Travel: Expedia
Ecommerce: Target

Here’s what ChatGPT provided:

These are great, and the subject lines are even better. However, perhaps the Conde Nast subject line goes a little too far in leveraging our customer names. Let’s ask ChatGPT to revise.

These are great, however, I don't want to imply that I am revealing a current customer's secrets. Can you revise the subject line for the [company/leader] email?

This revised email’s subject line is much better!

Let’s say I need help with a follow-up email. I want to use a case study to craft my outreach:

I reached out to a customer in the ecommerce vertical and haven't received a response. I want to send a follow-up email that concisely uses the information in the case study attached to highlight how we help ecommerce businesses.

ChatGPT provided the following response, but I think the subject line could be more effective. Let’s see…

This time I asked ChatGPT for some options for the subject line:

This is great, but can you provide me with three different subject line options?
💡 Tip: Notice the “2/3” under the response. I used the regenerate icon 3x to see if it came up with better options. Now I have a few subject lines to work with, and could even try out a few different ones on prospects and see if one performs better!

These are just a few ways you can leverage ChatGPT to write effective sales emails. Don’t forget to save the ones that you like the best either as templates in your outreach tool or by copy and pasting into something like a Google Doc. Happy selling!

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