Writing product descriptions for e-commerce

Use AI to create persuasive product descriptions for ecommerce sites.

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A product description is a critical component of a successful ecommerce business. It tells the shopper what your product is and why it’s worth buying. Instead of simply listing features of the product, a great product description tells a story in the brand’s voice and shows how the product benefits the shopper.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write high-converting product descriptions
  • Incorporate your brand’s unique style, tone, and voice into product descriptions
  • Use ChatGPT to write all of your product descriptions at once
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Tell ChatGPT what a good product description looks like

Before getting started, ChatGPT needs to understand what makes a great product description. To inform ChatGPT, do some research and find a comprehensive article on product descriptions.

For this tutorial, we’ll use Shopify’s article, Product Description Examples: Effective Tips To Persuade.

Get ChatGPT to reply with some details from the article to ensure that it was actually reviewed.

Read this article. List out the key points so that I know you understand it: https://www.shopify.com/ca/blog/8211159-9-simple-ways-to-write-product-descriptions-that-sell
💡 Tip: ChatGPT can access and read webpages, unless the website has blocked AI from accessing it. In that case, you can save a webpage as a PDF (go to Print, then print as a PDF) and upload the file along with your prompt.

Once you’re satisfied that ChatGPT understands the guidance from the article, explicitly tell ChatGPT to remember the lessons. You’ll see clearly when the information has been logged to its memory. This memory continues across all of your conversations with ChatGPT, not just this conversation.

Great, taking into account all of the tips and feedback you absorbed in the article, log it to your memory. We'll refer back to it in future conversations.

Tell ChatGPT about your brand

To ensure ChatGPT writes product descriptions in your voice, you’ll first want to share some details about your business. This will help ChatGPT write in a more distinct voice that aligns with your business.

You’re going to write product descriptions for my ecommerce business. But first, I’m going to share details about my business’ brand and our audience. You should remember these details so that you can refer back to them in the future.

Name: [brand name]

Mission: [company mission]

Market Position: [brand positioning]

Audience: [who you sell to and why they love your product or service]

Let me know once you’re ready to start writing.

Write your first product description together

Your first step is to write one product description together. It might take some back and forth but once you’ve found the style, ChatGPT will remember it and replicate it across all your product descriptions.

Let’s assume you have a list of your product titles and the category they belong to. Start with your green tea product.

For all the product descriptions you write, keep the descriptions around [word count] words in length. Write in the active voice, avoid the passive voice. Don't actively sell the product to the reader. Tell a brief story that describes the benefits of the product.

The first product is [product]. Please write the description.

Product descriptions for more unique products

ChatGPT will understand generic products like green tea, umbrellas, and shoes, but you’ll need to coach it on distinct features and brand-specific elements of certain products.

For example, this green tea should be steeped at ~75°C. The brand might also only use a paper-based tea bag instead of a plastic one.

If you want to incorporate details at the business level, say for example the fact that all tea bags are made of paper, you can include a line in your prompt: Product Attributes

If you want to incorporate product-specific details, you can do so in the next section when you’re writing at scale.

Write product descriptions at scale

Now comes the power of ChatGPT. We’re going to start writing multiple product descriptions at once. Let’s start with a batch of 3 to ensure ChatGPT effectively replicates lessons from the first product description.

This is great, please follow similar styling and tone for the following products:

1. [Product title]
2. [Product title]
3. [Product title]

You may need to correct ChatGPT. If it’s a piece of feedback that’s consistent, use the word “remember” or phrase “add it to your memory” so that it keeps that feedback logged.

Add unique product details

Your supplier may offer you technical specifications of your product that you want to pass along to the customer. T-shirts will include sleeve length, umbrellas will include available colors, and tea will have a suggested brewing temperature.

In this case, you’ll want to upload your products in a simple spreadsheet instead of a list. Your spreadsheet can simply be:

Product title | Suggested brewing temperature

Green tea | 75°C

Chai tea | 100°C

And you’ll want to adjust your prompt slightly:

This is great, I’ve added more products in the attached spreadsheet. Please follow similar styling and tone and incorporate the unique product attributes into the description.
💡 Tip: ChatGPT can read certain file types. Attach your spreadsheet as a CSV by clicking the paperclip icon next to the prompt text bar.

You’re on your way to writing product descriptions at scale.

Give ChatGPT batches of product titles instead of doing them all at once. That way you can provide feedback quickly and it will remember it for future descriptions.

This tutorial was created by Jonah.

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