Writing job descriptions for operations roles

Use ChatGPT to craft clear and comprehensive job descriptions for operations positions.

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In this tutorial, we'll create a job description for an operations role from scratch using ChatGPT. You’ll learn about the importance of well-crafted job descriptions and understand the key components that make them effective, and in the process, you’ll walk away with a workflow to quickly generate comprehensive job descriptions for operations roles with ChatGPT.

You’ll need:


  • Step 1: Quick overview of job descriptions
  • Step 2: Defining roles, responsibilities, and required qualifications
  • Step 3: Tailoring job descriptions to fit your needs
  • Step 4: Finalizing and publishing job descriptions

Quick overview of job descriptions

Job descriptions serve as the foundation for attracting the right talent. They provide potential candidates with a clear understanding of the role, responsibilities, and qualifications required, helping to ensure a good fit for both the candidate and your company. A well-written job description can:

  • Attract the right candidates
  • Set clear expectations
  • Improve recruitment efficiency by filtering out unqualified applicants early on

A comprehensive job description typically includes:

  1. Job Title: The name of the position.
  2. Job Summary: A brief overview of the role and its purpose within the organization.
  3. Responsibilities: Detailed list of tasks and duties the position entails.
  4. Qualifications: Necessary skills, experience, and education required for the role.
  5. Company Information: Brief description of the company and its culture.
  6. Location and Salary: Where the job is based and the compensation offered (optional but recommended).

For this tutorial, we’re focusing on operations positions, which are crucial for ensuring your company runs smoothly and efficiently. Some typical operations roles include:

  1. Office Manager
  2. Supply Chain Analyst
  3. Strategy & Operations Associate
  4. Program Manager
  5. Project Manager

Each of these roles has unique responsibilities and requirements, but they all contribute to the operational success of the organization. In the next section, we’ll get started on creating a job description for an Office Manager position.

Defining roles, responsibilities, and required qualifications

Now that you have an understanding of the key components of a job description and insight into various operations roles, we'll create a summary of an Office Manager role at a small startup and identify the primary responsibilities and necessary qualifications with ChatGPT.

It will be helpful to have a Google Document or another file open to copy/paste the outputs from ChatGPT into to aggregate your full job description.

Let’s start with the job summary.

Sample prompt:

Can you create a brief, one-paragraph job summary for an [Insert Job Title] of a [Insert Company Descriptor] for a job description?

Sample prompt:

What are the key responsibilities of an [Insert Job Title] of a [Insert Company Descriptor]?

Now that we have the responsibilities, we can prompt ChatGPT to provide the qualifications for this position based on the described responsibilities.

Sample prompt:

Based on these responsibilities, what qualifications are required for an [Insert Job Title] of a [Insert Company Descriptor]?
💡 Tip: Make sure to review the summary, responsibilities, and qualifications generated by ChatGPT and refine the content to fit your specific needs as well as ensure accessibility and fairness to all candidates.

In the next section, we'll focus on customizing the job description for your company and performing salary research.

Tailoring job descriptions to fit your needs

To customize job descriptions with ChatGPT, you can use prompts that include specific details about your company and industry.

Sample prompt:

How can I tailor the below [Insert Title] job description to fit an [Insert Industry] startup with a [Insert Culture Descriptor] culture? [Insert Job Summary, Responsibilities, and Qualifications].

Now that we’ve tailored the job description to our needs, we can use ChatGPT’s web browsing capabilities to add a summary of our company to it.

Sample prompt:

Can you write a one-paragraph summary of our company to include in the job description? Here’s our website for reference: [Insert Company URL].

And lastly, we can ask for salary insight based on the location of the position.

Sample prompt:

Can you provide salary insight for this [Insert Title] position based on a location of [Insert Location]? Please cite your sources for this insight.
💡 Tip: When requesting research-based information from ChatGPT, like salary insights, it’s helpful to ask ChatGPT to cite its sources in its response. This will allow you to dig deeper into the source knowledge to further vet the information.

Finalizing and publishing job descriptions

In this last section of the tutorial, we'll cover finalizing and publishing your job description.

Once you’ve compiled the complete job description, make sure to conduct a thorough review. Ensuring your job description is polished and accessible will help attract the best candidates. You can partner with ChatGPT to assist in this review process.

Sample prompt:

Can you review the provided job description for clarity, completeness, consistency, and relevance? Use the below questions as a guide.

Clarity: Is the language clear and easy to understand?Completeness: Have all key components been included?Consistency: Is the formatting consistent throughout?Relevance: Does the description accurately reflect the role and our company culture?

[Insert Job Description]

Lastly, when you go to publish your job description, it’s important to ensure your job description is accessible to all candidates, including those with disabilities. Use clear fonts, avoid jargon, and provide alternative text for images. In addition, make sure to adhere to legal requirements and guidelines to avoid discrimination and ensure fairness. This includes using inclusive language and avoiding biased terms in your job descriptions.

Once your job description is finalized, you can publish it on various job boards, your company website, and social media channels to target the right candidates.

Nice work! You’ve learned how to create job descriptions for operations roles using ChatGPT. By following these steps, you can attract qualified candidates who are the right fit for your operations positions.

This tutorial was created by Garrett.

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