Use Gemini extensions to query the Google ecosystem of apps

How to auto-summarize YouTube videos, mine Gmail for insights, book travel, and summarize Google Docs.

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Google’s Gemini is an AI chatbot platform that often gets overshadowed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, there are some key features of the Gemini platform that make it a standout for specific use cases.

For example, Gemini 1.5 Pro currently has a 1 million token context window, which enables it to have a huge text capacity and memory boost vs. its competitors. Also, it’s natively integrated across a suite of apps within the Google ecosystem - which is currently powered by ‘Extensions’ in Gemini - making it a great choice for teams that use Google’s suite of tools.

In this tutorial, we’ll be walking through the Google app extensions within Gemini. Specifically, we’ll show you how to auto-summarize YouTube videos, mine your Gmail for insights, quickly book travel, and summarize Google Documents.

You’ll need:


  • Auto-summarize and analyze YouTube videos with a link
  • Create itineraries with Google Hotels and Google Flights
  • Mine Gmail for insights and thread summaries
  • Summarize Google Documents across your Google Drive

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To get started, we’ll summarize YouTube videos with Gemini. To do this, you need to have the YouTube extension enabled within the Gemini platform.

Click on the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the platform and click on the ‘Extensions’ option.

Scroll down on the Extensions page and you’ll find the YouTube extension. Enable the extension by toggling on the top right button.

With the YouTube extension enabled, navigate to a new Chat window in Gemini and ‘@’ the YouTube extension.

💡 Tip: To call any of the Gemini extensions, all you need to do is start your prompt with the ‘@’ symbol and the available extensions will appear. You can click on any of the ‘Enabled’ extensions to start working with them.

In this example, we’ll have the Gemini YouTube extension summarize an interview of Mark Zuckerberg and Dwarkesh Patel.

Sample prompt:

@YouTube summarize this video: [insert YouTube video link].
💡 Tip: You can do more than summarize videos. For instance, you can ask Gemini if/when certain content moments happen, and Gemini will provide timestamps and summaries for reference. It can’t transcribe full videos, but it can output summarized details.

Create itineraries with Google Hotels and Google Flights

In addition to summarizing YouTube videos, Gemini can integrate with Google Flights and Google Hotels to help you create travel itineraries. To do this, navigate back to the Extensions page and make sure to enable Google Flights and Google Hotels.

With these two extensions enabled, we can start referencing them in our prompts. To do this, create a new chat and start your prompt with ‘@Google Flights’. In this example, we’ll ask it to find us the lowest price for roundtrip tickets from LAX to LGA.

Sample prompt:

@Google Flights Find me the lowest price for roundtrip tickets from [insert airport #1] to [insert airport #2] from [insert dates].

Gemini will typically generate a summary first and then have an interactive widget below that you can scroll through and click on to review and purchase flights from Google Flights.

Once you have your flight, you can start looking for hotels with Google Hotels. Similar to Google Flights, you can start your prompt with ‘@’ to call Google Hotels.

Sample prompt:

@Google Hotels Find me affordable hotels in [insert location] from [insert dates] for [insert number of people] people.

Similarly to the Google Flights response, Google Hotels will provide a summary and then if you scroll further, you’ll be able to click on an interactive widget to navigate directly to the Google Hotel listing for the next steps in booking your reservation.

Mine Gmail for insights and thread summaries

One of the most impressive extensions of Gemini is Google Workspace, which integrates Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive into Gemini. Navigate to the Extensions page to enable these app integrations.

💡 Tip: As you’ll note, there’s one Extension - Google Workspace - that integrates all three (Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive) of these services.

To start with this extension, we’re going to query our Gmail inbox to get a summary of the most recent emails from a specific sender. To do this, create a new chat and start your prompt with ‘@Gmail’.

Sample prompt:

@Gmail Give me a summary of the [insert number] latest emails I've received from [insert sender].

Not only can you summarize emails and threads from specific senders, but you can do the same on specific topics. In this case, I’m going to have Gemini summarize the latest news on Apple from my inbox.

Sample prompt:

@Gmail can you provide me a summary of the latest news on Apple that I've received in my inbox?

Similar to the previous Extensions, when you scroll below the summarized content, you’ll see an interactive widget of emails where you can click directly back to the referenced emails.

Summarize Google Documents across your Google Drive

Last but certainly not least, we can summarize Google Documents and reference items from our Google Drive with the Gemini Google Workspace extension. Since we already have the Google Workspace extension enabled, we can start prompting Google Docs by starting our prompt with ‘@Google Docs’.

Sample prompt:

@Google Docs Summarize the doc called ‘[insert Google Document title]’.

In addition to summarizing a single Google Document, we can also summarize multiple documents into a digest by topic.

Sample prompt:

@Google Docs Summarize the most recent docs about [insert topic].

Gemini has a few more Extensions we didn’t cover in this tutorial, including Google Maps and Google Music, but if you made it this far, you should have a solid understanding of how to use Gemini Extensions to reference source data from other Google apps directly from Gemini to augment your prompts.

This tutorial was created by Garrett.

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