Enhancing social media and community engagement with AI

How to use ChatGPT to create compelling content and engage effectively on social platforms.

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Included in the course:
Using AI for off-page SEO optimization

Welcome to the third tutorial in our Using AI for off-page SEO optimization course. In this tutorial, we'll explore how to leverage social media, online forums, and community engagement to drive traffic to your website and boost visibility. We’ll partner with ChatGPT to help us transform existing content, generate content calendars, and come up with novel marketing ideas.

You’ll need:

  • ChatGPT


  • Social sharing
  • Engaging in online forums and communities

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Social sharing

Social sharing is a vital component of off-page SEO. By actively sharing your content on social media platforms, you can increase your content’s reach, drive traffic to your site, and generate valuable backlinks.

Strategies for effective social sharing:

  1. LinkedIn and X (fka Twitter) Articles: Share your blog posts as LinkedIn and X articles to reach a professional audience.
  2. Consistent Posting: Regularly share your content to keep your audience engaged.
  3. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and interact with your followers.

We can use ChatGPT to help us develop a social sharing content calendar and for crafting social posts from our website content. To get started, let’s prompt ChatGPT to create a content calendar for our website content.

Sample prompt:

Create a content calendar for sharing my content on LinkedIn and X. Here is a link to my content: [insert website or blog link].

Now that we have our schedule created, we can start working with ChatGPT to convert our blog posts into social assets.

Sample prompt:

Write a LinkedIn post to promote my latest blog article: [insert blog link].
💡 Tip: Make sure to edit posts to fit your voice and style. You can also add additional language or examples to your prompt or custom instructions to help with this.

Engaging in online forums and communities

Participating in online forums and communities is an excellent way to establish your expertise, build relationships, and drive traffic to your site. Platforms like Quora and Reddit provide opportunities to share your knowledge and link back to your content.

Strategies for engaging in online forums and communities:

  1. Quora: Answer questions related to your industry to establish expertise and provide links to your content where relevant.
  2. Reddit: Participate in discussions in relevant subreddits, providing valuable insights and linking to your content when appropriate.
  3. Blogs: Leave meaningful comments on relevant blogs within your industry, providing value and linking back to your site when appropriate.


To get started, we can ask ChatGPT to find relevant Quora questions related to our website content. In addition, we can have ChatGPT provide draft answers to the questions using our website as the source data.

Sample prompt:

Can you help me find recent questions on Quora related to [insert topic] where I can provide valuable answers and link back to my website: [insert website link].

Please provide clickable links directly to the Quora question pages. Don't make them hyperlinks on text, just provide the raw URL when sharing the links. Also, please provide potential answers I can use for the questions.
💡 Tip: We recommend asking for raw URLs vs. hyperlinks (as shown in our prompt above) when requesting links. Sometimes, ChatGPT hyperlinks aren’t clickable, and asking for raw URLs in your prompt allows you to access the web pages even when this error occurs in the ChatGPT UI.


Let’s explore a different approach for responding to comments on Reddit. We’ll find a specific Reddit thread and prompt ChatGPT to generate a response using our website as the source data.

Sample prompt:

Can you draft a comment for a Reddit discussion about [insert topic]: [insert Reddit link].

Please pull from the blog posts on my website when creating the comment: [insert your website link].

Lastly, we can work with ChatGPT to craft a thoughtful comment on a blog post related to a specific topic. We’ll structure the prompt similarly to our Reddit one, providing ChatGPT with a link to both the blog and our own article for reference.

Sample prompt:

Can you help me write a thoughtful comment for a blog post on '[insert blog title]', with a subtle link to my own related article?"

Blog Post: [insert blog post link].

My Article: [insert your article link].
💡 Tip: When commenting on social platforms or blog posts, authenticity matters. ChatGPT is a great resource for generating first drafts, but make sure to adapt it to your authentic voice and style.

Social media, forums, and community engagement are powerful tools in your off-page SEO arsenal. By actively sharing your content and engaging with your audience on these platforms, you can significantly boost your website's visibility and drive more traffic. Using ChatGPT can streamline your efforts and make your engagement more effective.

Continue on to the next tutorial in this course where we’ll explore influencer marketing and press coverage as part of your off-page SEO strategy.

This tutorial was created by Garrett.

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