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Go from idea to branded colors, a logo, and slogan options for your new venture in minutes with ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT has come a long way from generating just text-based responses to prompts. Now, with its long context windows, advanced image generation tools, and code interpreter, you can perform a wide array of creative tasks within one chat window.

In this tutorial, using just ChatGPT, we will set the visual branding for a new company. We’ll generate brand colors, create and refine a logo design (with accurate text included on the logo), and ideate slogan and font options for our new venture.

You’ll need:

  • ChatGPT-4o


  • Generate brand colors
  • Create and refine a logo
  • Ideate slogan and font options

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Generate brand colors

To start, we are going to generate brand colors for our new venture. We’ll provide ChatGPT with some brief background on our company and request a set of hex colors for our brand.


I am starting a [company type] called [company name]. Can you come up with some hex colors for my brand? I want to convey [brand descriptors] with my brand colors.
💡 Tip: It’s helpful to request colors be provided in code-interpretable ways, like hex codes or RGB values, because it’ll allow ChatGPT to generate charts of the colors for visualizations in future steps.

Now that we have our brand colors, we’re going to ask ChatGPT to generate image swatches of the colors so we can see them visually.

Can you generate image swatches for these hex colors?

Now that we can see the brand colors as image swatches, we can start editing the colors and replacing them as needed. To do this, click on the arrows in the top right corner of the generated chart to expand it.

With the chart expanded, we can request changes directly to the chart in the text box in the bottom right corner. We’re going to ask ChatGPT to replace the Warm Taupe color with a blue color for our request.

Can you replace the [existing color] with a [new color]? Please keep everything else the same and regenerate the image swatches with this update.
💡 Tip: It’s a good practice to ask ChatGPT to “keep everything else the same” when you’re making edit requests in the expanded window. It ensures the change is only made to the specific item you want updated.

Create and refine a logo

Now that we have our brand colors, we can generate a logo for our company using these colors. To do this, navigate back to the main chat window with ChatGPT and ask it to generate a logo for your brand.

Can you generate a logo for [company name] using some of the brand colors you've provided?
💡 Tip: You don’t need to repeat your brand aesthetics or values in these subsequent steps, as you can see from ChatGPT-4o’s large context window, it’s retained the brand values from our first chat with no additional prompting.

When generating logos, you might notice incoherent text being included or less-than-ideal graphics. In our case, we don’t want to keep the “STGE 8” text. We can easily refine this using ChatGPT’s image editing tools. To do this, click on the generated image to expand it, and in the expanded window, click on the drawing icon in the top right corner of the image.

💡 Tip: In our tests, ChatGPT-4o has shown a significant improvement in generating accurate text in images vs. previous models. Note, that ChatGPT won’t be able to identify the font in its image generation if you ask; however, you can use a tool like WhatTheFont to identify the fonts in your generated logo.

When you click on the drawing icon, your cursor will change to a circle. This is used to highlight specific areas on the image you want to change or refine. You can drag the bar in the top left corner to change the size of this circle. We’re going to make it much smaller so we can highlight just the text we want to remove.

With your cursor size updated, you can click and drag across the image to highlight areas you want to reference in your text prompts for editing. We’ve highlighted the “STGE 8” text accordingly.

Now, in the bottom right-hand corner, we can prompt ChatGPT to remove that unwanted text.

Remove the text and keep just the background.
💡 Tip: Since we’re highlighting the item we want to be edited, we don’t need to reference it in a detailed manner in our prompt. However, we do recommend providing instructions for what to do in place of the highlighted area. In our case, we’ve asked it to keep just the background.

And with that change, our logo is looking great. You can click the download button in the top right corner to download your image.

Ideate slogan and font options

Finally, now that we have our brand colors and logo, we can work with ChatGPT to create some slogans and font recommendations for our bakery. To do this, we’ll navigate back to the primary chat window and ask ChatGPT to create some slogans.

Can you create some slogans for [insert company]?

To go with our slogan, we can have ChatGPT recommend some font options for our brand as well.

Can you recommend some fonts for [insert company]?

There you have it! With a few prompts and some advanced image editing practices, you’ve gone from an idea to brand colors, company logo, and slogan and font options for your new company.

Who knows? We might even open a Ben’s Bakery someday.

This tutorial was created by Garrett.

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