Create B-roll video footage with AI

Use Krea to generate B-roll footage for your next video project using simple prompts and images.

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Creating B-roll footage can be a challenging, expensive and time-consuming element of video production. However, with new AI video generation tools, there are now alternative approaches for creating B-roll footage. These tools can be cost-effective, efficient, and tailored to your specific creative needs, providing you greater creative control without high costs or logistical challenges.

That said, AI video tools are very much in their infancy and generated video outputs often have a distinctive AI quality to them. But, by using these tools, you can begin to imagine how your video production workflows might start to change.

In this tutorial, we will create b-roll footage of a sunrise and a sunset using Krea, a video and image generation tool, from just a few text prompts.

You’ll need:


  • Define video settings
  • Generate keyframes
  • Add text prompts
  • Generate video

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Define video settings

To get started, navigate to the Krea website and click the Generate Videos button. It will prompt you to create a free account.

Once your account is created, you will land on the video editor. To start, we can define a few basic settings for our video, including clip duration, aspect ratio, motion intensity, and looping. To do this, click on the gear icon at the top of the video timeline.

We’re going to keep our aspect ratio to 1:1, reduce our motion intensity to 40%, leave looping enabled, and keep the clip duration at 3 seconds.

💡 Tip: The clip duration setting is in the top right corner of this window. The max duration for a clip as of today is 10 seconds.

Generate keyframes

Now that we have our video settings defined, we can hop back to the video timeline to add keyframes. Krea uses both keyframes and text prompts to determine how the video should look at a certain timeframe.

With keyframes, you can upload your own images or use Krea’s built-in image generator to create keyframe images. For this tutorial, we’ll use Krea’s image generator.

To do this, hover over the Keyframes bar in the video timeline and click the Add Keyframe button.

A pop-up window will appear. Click on the Generate tab and enter a text prompt to describe the image you want generated. We’re going to generate an image of a sunrise.

💡 Tip: The image should auto-generate once you stop typing. You might need to wait a few seconds for the generation before exiting out of the window. You can continue to revise your image-generation prompt in the text box until the preview image is to your liking.

Now that we have created our first keyframe, we can exit out of the pop-up window and click on the timeline again to add another keyframe.

For this second keyframe, we’ll generate a sunset by entering this text prompt in the text box of the pop-up window.

You should now have two keyframes on the keyframe timeline, one of a sunrise and the other of a sunset.

In the next section, we’ll add text prompts to the video timeline.

Add text prompts

For the text prompts, we want to further refine and define the content that should appear in the video for the duration of the text prompt box on the video timeline.

Similar to our first keyframe image, we’ll set the first text prompt to Sunrise by clicking on the purple bar and adding the text prompt to the pop-up window.

💡 Tip: We found that the text prompts didn’t seem to impact the video generation much when paired with the image keyframes. The keyframe images do most of the heavy lifting.

For the second text prompt, we’ll set it to Sunset to match the second keyframe in our video timeline.

If you followed our tutorial, your video timeline should look like the below image.

Now that the text prompts are set, we can finalize our video by selecting a rendering style and generating the video.

Generate video

To generate your video, select a pre-set style for your video (i.e. Film, Animation, etc.) in the far left corner of the timeline pane and then click the Generate Video button.

A blue bar will run over the length of your video timeline a few times. The first pass of the blue bar will render your video and the second pass will upscale and finalize it. This can take a minute or two depending on the length of your video.

Once the video generation is complete, you can download your video by clicking the Download button. And that’s it! By using just a few text prompts, you’ve created custom b-roll footage for your next video project.

You can generate up to 3 minutes of video with a free Krea account, so have fun creating more b-roll footage while you explore this new AI video generation tool.

This tutorial was created by Garrett.

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