Create a PPC ad copy strategy

Use AI to generate persuasive ad copy for pay-per-click campaigns on Google and social media.

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Paid advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful growth strategy for capturing new audiences and scaling your business. But developing the right creative and finding the right audience takes time. ChatGPT can help you expedite that learning process so you can run profitable campaigns that grow your business.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze what your competitors are doing
  • Develop your own ad copy strategy
  • Experiment and identify the winning creative

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Priming ChatGPT

Before getting started with any ad copy, you’ll want to make sure ChatGPT is familiar with your target audience, product, and brand.

Start with this prompt in ChatGPT:

We're going to be developing a PPC ad copy strategy. But first, I'm going to tell you about the product, target audience, and brand.

Product: [simple explanation of product]Target audience: [who you sell to]Brand: [company mission and/or vision]

Let me know when you're ready to proceed.

Ad analysis

While ChatGPT might be eager to start running, it’s worth evaluating best practices for running PPC ads first. You can do this by having ChatGPT “read” an article from a reputable source. Search Engine Land for example is a leader in the search and PPC space.


Read this article: Share the main frameworks and suggestions it makes.
Once you confirm ChatGPT has reviewed the article, get it to log in the information to memory.

Remember these principles.

Analyze the competition

The next thing you can do is see what your competition is doing with their ad copy. The goal here is to understand how competitors are positioning themselves and how you might appeal to an unmet need.

In Google, search a keyword relevant to your business, e.g. “running shoes” and take a screenshot of the “Sponsored” ads at the top of the search results. Next, upload that screenshot to ChatGPT with the following prompt.

Here are some search ads for "[keyword]." What do these ads tell us about the advertising strategy and pain point of the audience?

Not only are you learning about your competition’s ad strategy but you’re getting ChatGPT to understand how it might position your brand against the incumbents.

Develop a PPC ad copy strategy

You’re ready to develop the first version of your PPC copy strategy. This prompt will deliver an overarching strategy, informed by the information you’ve previously provided.

Now that you understand the business, target audience, and brand, develop an ad copy strategy. Include details including, but not limited to target keyword, channel specific strategies, and performance metrics. Start with the high-level strategy, then break it down by channel.

Testing and iterating

To make your paid ads profitable sooner, you’ll want a structured approach to experimenting with your ad copy and the target audience.


Great. For each channel, we're going to run experiments. We'll try 3 different creatives and 3 different audiences. Each creative should be applied to each audience to test which combination resonates best for each channel. Develop the creative and a schedule for running each of these variations. The schedule should be in a table format. Include the metrics I should track to determine success.

Ask ChatGPT to generate persuasive ad copy by channel

The above example suggests 3 versions of your ad copy and 3 target audiences or search terms to focus on. In reality, you’ll likely explore many more than that. ChatGPT is an excellent brainstorming partner so use it to create a backlog of creative ideas.

Search ads

You're going to generate 20 PPC copy ads. Identify 5 potential keywords to target, then write 4 ads to appeal to that keyword.

Social media

Generate 20 PPC ads for social media. Identify the 5 target audiences and write 4 ads for each.

Ask ChatGPT to improve your existing ad copy

Not only will ChatGPT help you brainstorm new ad copy. It can help you improve existing ads too. Share some of your ad copy or screenshot live ads and ask for feedback.

With an attached screenshot:

Here are some ads that are currently running. How might I improve them?

With ChatGPT, you can reach paid ad profitability sooner with a wealth of creative to work with a structured experimentation approach.

This tutorial was created by Jonah.

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