Building an AI customer support strategy

Develop a strategic plan to effectively integrate AI into your support system.

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Develop an AI strategy for customer support

Welcome to the third tutorial of this course. After identifying potential AI opportunities in your operations, it's time to develop a strategic plan to integrate AI effectively.

This lesson will guide you through setting clear goals, planning the implementation, and preparing for a successful AI rollout.

Points we’ll cover:

  • Defining your goals and objectives
  • How to plan to implement AI
  • What to be aware of when integrating AI with current processes
  • Exercise: develop and present a customized AI strategy document
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Defining goals and objectives

Start by establishing what you aim to achieve with AI in your support system. You need clear, measurable goals that are aligned with your overall business objectives.

Your goals might include things like:

  1. Reduce response times: Aim to cut down the average response time by a specific percentage.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction: Enhance satisfaction scores through more accurate and timely responses.
  3. Increase efficiency: Reduce the workload on human agents by automating routine tasks.

Planning for implementation

Detailed planning is essential to ensure the smooth integration of AI into your existing systems.

Things to consider:

  • Resource allocation: Determine what resources are needed, including budget, personnel, and technology.
  • Timeline: Establish a realistic timeline for deployment phases.
  • KPIs: Define key performance indicators to measure success and track progress.

Integrating AI with current processes

Ensure that AI tools seamlessly mesh with your existing customer support processes without disrupting the workflow.

You should be aware of the following as you begin to implement AI into your workplace:

  • Technology compatibility: Verify that the AI solutions are compatible with your current software and hardware.
  • Process adjustment: Adjust existing processes to accommodate new AI functionalities.
  • Staff training: Prepare your team for changes, including training on new AI tools.

✍️ Exercise: Develop and present a customized AI strategy document

In this exercise, you will create a comprehensive AI strategy document tailored to your organization's unique needs and goals. You will then present your strategy to a group of peers for feedback and discussion.


  • Using the ChatGPT prompt provided below, generate a template for your AI strategy document. Customize the document to align with your organization's specific context, resources, and constraints.
Please help me create a comprehensive AI strategy document for implementing AI in customer support. The document should include sections on goals and objectives, implementation plan, integration with current processes, risk management, and contingency planning. Please provide a template and examples for each section, keeping in mind that I will need to tailor the document to my organization's unique needs and characteristics.
  • Develop your AI strategy document, filling in each section with details specific to your organization. Consider factors such as:
    • Your company's current customer support processes and pain points
    • Available resources and budget for AI implementation
    • Specific AI technologies and tools that would best fit your needs
    • Potential risks and challenges unique to your organization, and plans to mitigate them
  • Once you have completed your AI strategy document, create a 5-7 minute presentation to share your plan with a group of peers. Your presentation should highlight the key points of your strategy, including:
    • Main goals and objectives for AI integration
    • Overview of the implementation timeline and key milestones
    • How AI will be integrated with existing processes
    • Key risks and contingency plans
  • Present your AI strategy to a group of 2-3 peers. After each presentation, allocate 5-10 minutes for feedback and discussion. As a listener, provide constructive feedback on:
    • Strengths and potential areas of improvement in the strategy
    • Additional considerations or risks that may have been overlooked
    • Suggestions for making the strategy more comprehensive or effective
  • Based on the feedback received, take some time to refine and update your AI strategy document.

This exercise will challenge you to apply the concepts learned throughout the course to develop a customized, comprehensive AI strategy tailored to your organization's needs. By presenting your plan and receiving peer feedback, you'll gain valuable insights and ideas to further strengthen your approach.

The final AI strategy document and presentation will serve as a solid foundation for communicating your AI integration plan to key stakeholders and guiding your implementation efforts.

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