Analyze interview transcripts with AI

How to use AI to analyze interview transcripts and streamline your hiring process.

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Hiring is one of the most critical business activities a company can execute on. The right hire can help a project take off, but the wrong person can sink the ship.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Use AI to analyze interview transcripts
  • Highlight key skills and qualifications
  • Summarize candidate responses

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Preparing your recording for analysis

Your recorded media file can be a video or an audio recording. For this tutorial, we’ll assume it’s a recorded Zoom call.

Transcribing interviews accurately

Various tools like ChatGTP and Claude can’t consistently transcribe media files effectively, so it’s best to use a tool specifically designed for transcription. You might use a meeting assistant tool that is logged into the live meeting with you. Most of these tools include automatic transcription and meeting summaries. Here are a few tools you can consider:

For live meeting transcription:

For transcribing recorded files:

Uploading media files to Rev

For this tutorial, we’ll use Rev as the transcription tool. It reliably delivers high quality transcription. It combines AI and human-generated services depending on your accuracy needs. For the sake of analyzing a script, you can use the AI tool which offers 45 minutes of free transcription before you have to start paying.

Simply upload your file, proceed through checkout and Rev will keep track of the free 45 minutes that you use.

The transcription only takes a few minutes and will appear in Descript’s own transcript editor tool. From there, you can download the transcript as a .txt file, Word file, or PDF. Given OpenAI’s relationship with Microsoft, ChatGPT is very good at accessing and reading Word files.

Preparing ChatGPT for analysis

Share the job description

First, you’ll want to familiarize ChatGPT with the job that you’re hiring for. This gives OpenAI a baseline for analyzing your transcript. Use the following prompt:

You’re analyzing an interview transcript that I’m going to share with you. Before beginning the analysis, you should understand the role being filled. The job description is below. Acknowledge when you are ready to proceed.

[Insert job description]

Analyze the interview transcript

Now it’s time to analyze the conversation. You’re looking for information that would be valuable to anyone involved in the hiring process. The notes provided from this prompt also give future interviewers gaps that they should explore further with the candidate.

Analyze the attached interview transcript. Consider the job description you previously reviewed to understand the role being filled.

1. Provide a brief summary of the discussion.
2. Highlight positive attributes that align with the job description.
3. Highlight any potential red flags to investigate further.
4. Identify elements of the role that weren’t discussed that should be in the next interview.

Sharing and using transcript analysis

Transcript analysis is a great way to provide stakeholders with a summary of discussion points and light analysis on the candidate. Anyone can peek into the interview process to understand the extent to which a candidate is worth pursuing. Paired with the judgement of the interviewer, transcript analysis can expedite the hiring process dramatically.

Bonus: question analysis

ChatGPT can also help you analyze your interview strategy. This may lead to including new questions, refining existing ones, or eliminating questions that repeatedly don’t offer insights into a candidate’s competency.

Review the transcript again. Evaluate the questions asked by the interviewer. What questions were most valuable? What questions yielded the least insight? Are there questions that should be added, edited or replaced?

Congratulations! You’re speeding up your hiring process which leads to building your team and growing your company faster. Plus, candidates appreciate a shorter interview process and are more likely to have a positive sentiment about your business regardless of whether you hire them or not.

This tutorial was created by Jonah.

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