Hey folks, today is a free edition of the pro posts and due to kids I’m going to republish an interview I did with Dan Shipper on ‘How do you use ChatGPT?’.

I walk through how I use ChatGPT for running my business(es) and how to re-engineer business ideas using it.

How to Run a Profitable One-person Internet Business Using AI - Ep. 14 with Ben Tossell


Introduction: 01:02

How to use ChatGPT as a business strategist 14:40

Ben builds an MVP with ChatGPT 23:45

Use ChatGPT to kickstart your business 41:31

Ben uses AI to extract valuable information from internet rabbit holes 44:54

How to turn interview transcripts into compelling articles 54:51

Ben refines his blog post with Lex 59:34

Use ChatGPT to analyze business data 1:06:52

Offload time-consuming tasks to AI 1:09:11

How AI is enabling people to run profitable businesses with not a lot of resources 1:11:09

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